I am currently reading Jim Mason’s truly groundbreaking study, An Unnatural Order – The roots of our destruction of nature, and I found myself drawn to Mason’s analysis of this term, “the conspiracy to hide slaughterhouses, dog pounds, and the other places where its (society’s) uses of animals turn ugly”.

Laboratories where animals are forced to endure the agony of vivisection (an obsolete practice, animal testing is basically the tool by which the pharmaceutical lobbies can protect themselves legally and pursue the extremely lucrative fundraising initiatives that allow them to support their “scientific research”), kennels where dogs are kept as if they were prisoners of a concentration camp (in Italy, a recent study demonstrated that the funds that are set aside for maintaining these same stray dogs, are actually kept by the loathsome managers) and slaughterhouses where meat processing is an industrial business caring little for a minimal decency in the way the animals are treated (it would be sufficient to shudder at the images and videos presented on the McCruelty campaign website, targeting McDonald’s for its barbarous slaughtering methods – yup, I know, I’m HATIN’ IT!).


These executioners enact these horrors far away from our eyes, in inconspicuous buildings that reveal little of their function.

“People drive by them on super-highways and mistake these “confinement” buildings for machine sheds.”

In a similar way, the human mind hides its own shameful memories in the deepest recesses of its labyrinthine system; as a matter of fact, we seem to be quite content to live with these skeletons in our closet, as long as we don’t see them.

The few times that we are reminded of their existence, and our de facto complicity, as customers who, with every purchase, are making a conscious choice in favour of the ethical standards of the multinational or company we purchase from, we seem to fall from the clouds and release our anger and injustice. I am referring to, in this case, to the media coverage of the discovery of the Beagle Lager in Montichiari, Northern Italy, which goes by the unfortunate and rather ironic name of Green Hill.

Providing comely and AWWW-inspiring Beagles for the major Pharmaceutical companies in this country and beyond, Green Hill has been literally placed under siege by 5000 animalists who have chosen to put an end to this horror.

Yet once more, the combined walls of private security, legal bullshit and human ignoramus allow for such places to exist and to torment innocent creatures for the sake of our dominionist folly!

Concealment is the key: ignore the truth and you will be content. Let others take care of horrors for you. This is starkly reminiscent of the role of executioners in Medieval societies ..